become part of the pack

  "we are proud of our journey and excited about our future adventures"

  Every pack is just as strong as its weakest member. Therefore we put much effort into our military strengh, pilot education and teamplay.

We provide safe hunting grounds for our members to pad their wallets. Our hunting grounds will offer all ways to generate precious ISK. Be it by hunting rats, mining rocks or building stuff.

We are a strong community and are looking for social members. We look after our pack members and all pack members look after the group.

Our pack has solid partners, which allow us to face and master the hardest challenges every day.


  "We are striving for PvP Excellence"

  CEO: Heros Aureus

Founder: Seth Silver

Alliance: proud member of Northern Coalition.

Ticker Name: [.PACK]

Member Count: 57

Tax Rate: 5.0%